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5 MHz megahertz while another radio station can simultaneously broadcast radio waves at frequencies in the neighborhood of 96. 1 MHz. Each radio station would transmit radio waves over a frequency bandwidth of about 180 kHz kilohertz, centered at frequencies such as the above, which are called the "carrier frequencies". Each station in this example is separated from its adjacent stations by 200 kHz, and the difference between 200 kHz and 180 kHz 20 kHz is an engineering allowance for the imperfections in the communication system. In the example above, the "free space channel" has been divided into communications channels according to frequencies, and each channel is assigned a separate frequency bandwidth in which to broadcast radio waves. This system of dividing the medium into channels according to frequency is called "frequency division multiplexing" FDM.

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J. Krieg, and N. R. Nayak 2012 Global alteration in gene expression profiles ofdeciduas from women with idiopathic recurrent loss. Hum. Reprod. 9, 143 149. 39. X. Liao, J. B.

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Their personality is assertive and strong. They are always focused and do not really dilly dally with the issues at hand. This is what makes them different from the rest. An entrepreneur should always be on the lookout for new innovations and ideas in order to emerge as a winner. They should constantly reinvent themselves and think of better ways to run a business and improvise on the products and services offered by them. Another important quality of a successful entrepreneur is openness in adopting change. They should not be headstrong and stubborn when it comes to choosing other options. Change is the only thing that is constant in business no one can make any profits on age old methods. The path to success lies in evolution, whether it is evolution of ideas, services and products or technology. An entrepreneur should have an open mind and eagerness to learn new things. It is imperative to understand that the only way to keep at the top is to keep on changing and evolving with the time.

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