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One of the push backs that people always have when I get all soft and touchy feely and start talking about emotions and empathy, is that philanthropy requires more rigor than an empathetic, emotional approach supposedly allows. So I want to point toa new article in the Harvard Business Review about how great leaders defy the empathy/accountability tradeoff. Empathy is important for an agent to display in order to make the caller feel that someone is listening to and understanding them, and that they are trying to solve their issue, rather than just seeing the caller as a nuisance. As such, empathy is vital for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, cross selling and up selling. more2009 09 21 Article Anthony Tjan Why Small Companies Are Better at Customer Service . I believe that a small business is likely to deliver better customer service than a large company because of its innate common sense and understanding of the power of empathy.

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If the engagement involves minors but there is an age difference of three years or if it is not consensual, child protection authorities should be notified along with the parents. No parent or organizations leadership has the right to tell you not to fulfill your legal duty to report to child protection authorities. 7f Q: What should a leader do if she/he is concerned that a parent is intoxicated/drunk when picking up a child or youth from a program?A: If the leader has a legitimate concern about the safety and protection of the child they should report this to Childrens Aid or Child and Family Services. In most cases, proof is not required and the law protects you in your reporting if you are not malicious in your reporting. They do have a duty to report if they feel the child is in need of protection. It is best to contact Childrens Aid or Child and Family Services and ask if this is something that should be reported.

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Just writing your name, or your company name, in your resource box may bring some name or brand recognition over time, but you will be missing out on the major benefits that article submissions can bring you. What you need is to provide a full link to your web site that interested readers of the article can click on this will bring targeted traffic direct to your web site. It doesn't mean you need to include any HTML generally, never include HTML in your articles, you just need the URL, or web address, of your web site, starting with 'http://' publishers will turn that into a proper link when your article is published on web sites, and in text based emails, it will automatically turn into a clickable link in the vast majority of email reading software such as Outlook. It's also a good idea not to add a full stop to the end of your link occasionally this can make the URL inactive if your article is sent via email, or it is published on a web site that auto publishes articles. I've also found it is best just to include the one link in your resource box. Many publishers don't like more than one, and if you do get published, more than one link can confuse the readership simply by giving them too many choices and so diminish the amount of targeted traffic you can then receive. This doesn't mean you should overly hype your resource box, or laden it with advert speak, but you do want people to click through, don't you?Tell them clearly and succinctly, and without hype, how your site will benefit them if they click through, and then tell them to click through. Publishers are generally looking for informative, factual articles that will interest and benefit their readership through the information it shares. They are also looking for originality, and will likely sift through articles containing the same old topics to find an article that contains a certain spark of original thought. Remember, they are looking for high quality articles that will stimulate their readership if you can't provide that, they won't publish your article. Can you provide a new slant on an old topic; some new timely and relevant information; a twist on an accepted concept?Is your article thought provoking, or just churning out the same old, same old?In the same way that a headline on a sales page is crucial for your conversion rate, and the subject of an email has a huge effect on the open rate, the title of your article is critically important if you want publishers to publish it, and people to read it and from there follow through to your site.

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The noose is a symbol worn by members of the Ku Klux Klan, who were known for their mass lynchings of African Americans in the beginning of the 20th century. The 311 also refers to the KKK. K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet, so three times eleven would be K three times over, thus signifying the KKK. These initials are worn by members of the white supremacist group Sacramaniacs, which is denoted by S and is sometimes worn in the design of the Nazi sig runes. SSM stands for South Sacramento Sacramaniac, while NS is North Sacramaniac. The word Sacra may also be tattooed in stylized fonts. Worn by members of the Gangster Disciples, the pitchfork represents a struggle to overcome repression, while a 6 pointed Jewish star attached underneath it symbolizes their quasi religious values of life, loyalty, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and love. The number 6 is also associated with the gang, while a joint with the smoke portrayed as a ghost face represents their protective attitude for their territory and the harm that will be inflicted on those who cross their boundaries. This is the Hispanic pronunciation of Santa Ana, and is given to Hispanic members who came from Orange County, California. Mexicanemi or EMI is another gang related to the La Eme. These symbols together signify the gangs struggle against their oppressors.

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