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Which is a good idea if colleges let credit card companies on their campus then there should me something to teach student how to manage a credit card. Graduate professional schools and employers are beginning to reject applicants based on a bad credit record during college Fairfield 5. Lots of schools try and keep on campus creditors off but, there are a few that get paid to allow creditors on campus. Credit researcher Robert Manning estimates that 1500 of the nations approximately 3,200 four year colleges have banned or restricted on campus credit card solicitations Dinnen 13. This shows that at least some colleges are trying to get rid of creditors but they use fake document to get access or fake names. A tougher stance on creditors comes from too many students getting into too much financial trouble with credit cards. Campuses are far more likely to sponsor programs on sexually transmitted diseases than on managing finances McMurtrie 44. Which shows how little interest there is in trying to eliminate the problem. Which is appalling considering that if a student gets a lot of debt then they will have to drop out and then the college is losing money. Institutions that allow the companies to use the college logo typically get a percentage of every charge made on those accounts, ranging form one fourth to three fourths of a point McMurtrie 45. Colleges often profit from relationships with credit card companies.

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In many languages, certain terms may be completely absent These are some of the most common translation problems and solutions that translators face on their daily basis. For example, in English the adjective is placed before the noun, but in French the adjective comes after the noun. In Arabic and some other languages, the subject pronoun is part of the verb, and that determines the subject gender and the voice of the sentence. Confusing?It can get so!Language is complex, vast, and ever evolving. The translator has to know the exact structure in each language, and use the appropriate structure, and they have to ensure that the translation is performed without changing the meaning as well. Gain expertise only in a couple of languages that you are already well versed with. Make use of grammar checkers, translation memory tools and other techniques to ensure that you have maintained the structure in the target language without changing the meaning or sense of the source document. Often, colloquialism is woven into formal language, making the translators task very difficult indeed. The larger the region where the language is spoken, the more the dialects there are likely to be, and the more colloquial words you are likely to find except in technical documents translations, legal document translations, or translations of medical transcripts. The culture practised by the speakers of each language may also be vastly different; for example, the British are famous for their dry, biting sarcasm, which is their brand of humor. However, this kind of sarcasm may not be appreciated in not just a country speaking a different language, but even another country where they speak English.

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, Martnez Pera, andSchmukler, S. L. 2010. Bank Involvement with SMEs: Beyond Relationship Lending. Journal of Banking and Finance, 1034, 28093. Firm Performance: An Empirical analysis of Listed Companies in Kenya. African Journal of Business Management, 5 6, 2120 2128. Dimitrios,P. ,Louzis,A. ,VouldisandVasilios, L. M.

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Abdur Rashid, M. A. in English and M. A. V. Ramamurtigaru . Chief Editor Dr. Pammi Pavan KumarCo editor Dr. Banala Bhujanga Reddy Honorary Editor Prof. S. Nayyer Hassan, M.

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