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The bottom line is simple and consequential: Our self inflicted fiscal cliff drama may be the most visible illustration of Congressional political dysfunction but it is unlikely to be the last one or the most challenging. Judging from Mr, Silver's analysis, we could well experience several iteration of the analytical equivalent of the fiscal cliff in the months ahead. And we would do so with declining policy flexibility. If left to fester, the related inability of Congress to step up to economic responsibilities would risk being associated with more than just sluggish growth, persistently high unemployment, and a growing sense of financial discomfort. It would also undermine the country's longer term growth potential and, with that, the ability of many citizens to realize the American dream. embedthis, html, undefined, 'top', ; ; Source: b 2379060. htmlAdd a location to your Tweets When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location . On Facebook, I?m connected to a lot of people who are not my friends. Over the years, as my Facebook friend list grows, it?s made me increasingly uncomfortable that I seem to know so . Vatican City, 29 November 2012 VIS Benedict XVI is now present on Twitter.

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They were striking not so much because the public learned something new, but because they should have ramifications for those who designed, justified and endorsed torture as part the USs National Security strategy to combat terrorism. For those who provide the legal cover for torture, including John Yoo and Jay Bybee, there might be some fear that an official US confirmation of torture will have ramifications for them. But they claim not to be afraid of prosecution. Given the soothing, exculpatory tone of the Presidents remarks and AG Eric Holders lapdoggish compliance, despite his 2009 resolute acknowledgment that waterboarding is torture, they have every reason to believe it. The news that a police officer shot an African American teen several times in the chest was shocking, horrifying, gut wrenching. But it was not surprising. As even a weekly perusal of newspapers tells us, the murders of Black teens and men by private white citizens or police officers are common, ordinary, every day events. Two days after the shooting of Michael Brown, another young unarmed Black man, this time in Los Angeles, was shot by a police officer. Yet, in the initial twenty four hours after Michael Browns shooting, I saw flashes of the same questions in the comments to news articles and on Twitter: What did he do? Why? Wtf? Certainly, some of these were plaintive questions asked by grieving persons. But others reflected an earnest, though frustrating, innocenceone that found a shooting of a Black teen by a policeman to be unusual, accidental, coincidental, extraordinary. Their questions echoed as I flipped through the fleeting images that followed the news of the shootingrows of police officers with shields and batons and terrifying looking dogs, pumped up and ready to attackaccompanied by articles about looting and riots, tear gas, sniper guns, and bullets.

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