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Maggie was born on May 22, 1933, in Winona, Minn. She graduated from Iowa State University with a home economics degree, which she put to good use for her entire life. After graduating college, she moved to New York City and worked at Family Circle in the test kitchen, creating recipes for the magazine. In 1963, Gordon, Maggie and their four children moved to Mount Kisco, where their two younger children were born. Maggie will be remembered for all that she did for her community. She was dedicated to volunteering and did it her entire life. She was an active member of the West Patent Elementary School PTA. She served as the enrichment chair, scheduling and working with hundreds of volunteers to share their specialties with the students. She taught CCD classes at St. Francis of Assisi. She worked with the public library to offer summer art courses for the children in town, including hat making, tie dyeing and making a quilt that hung in the library for many years.

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When asked how Mrs. Cassman could allow Elsie such freedoms, Cassman plainly said, She knows what I like. The mural, thought to have picked up much of the color theme behind the large blue and silver sofa in the living room was a technique that Elsie employed frequently. Remember the Louis Bar and Fireside Restaurant murals?Divine Theatre, I say. Cassman had another mural on a foyer wall. Double doors leading into the foyer have moldings rubbed with silver and blue. Most of the furnishings are Provincial in style and silver blue or mauve in color. In case you were wondering if Mrs. Cassman really was that cool in the above photo. The newspaper mentioned her dark tan, a rare luxury in those days. I tracked Elsies apartment to 1414 Marbee Drive on 77th Street between Pacific and Woolworth, a mysterious part of town that I, shockingly, have never been to.

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Again this year I was struck by the range and depth of the programme, which allows students to master the political, diplomatic, and economic histories of a very wide range of places and topics. The courses that I examined focus on nineteenth and twentieth century political and diplomatic history, and gave students a real opportunity to get to grips with the fine detail of events and politics in their chosen fields of study. Judging by the standards achieved by students, methods of teaching are exemplary. In particular, students benefit from being able to take courses that span multiple academic terms, and thus to develop a real depth of understanding and breadth of knowledge. The opportunity to submit un assessed, formative coursework really benefits the students, who are able to take risks and work in a creative fashion, without fear that a wrong step will lower their final marks. This shows in their assessed essays and exams, where they carry their creativity over into their summative work, and where the best students display the originality andcritical insight that marks out the really excellent scripts. The departments rigorous internal marking procedures have ensured that student work is assessed in a fair and consistent manner. There is a great deal of transparency when it comes to presenting work and justification for marking decisions to the external examiners. The assessment process is scrupulous and extremely well run, and a great deal of care is taken to ensure that all students are treated fairly and that all circumstances are taken into account. The departments keen sense of its duty to its students is very apparent and is to be commended. The standard of student performance was generally very good, and often excellent.

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