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During the 16th century, El Morya incarnated as Sir Thomas Moore. In this lifetime, El Morya as Sir Thomas Moore was appointed Lord Chancellor by Henry VIII in 1529. When the King desired to divorce his first wife, who was childless, and marry Anne Boleyn, Moore refused to support him in his decision because it went against the laws of the church. As a result, Moore was beheaded in 1535. He was canonized Saint Thomas Moore in 1935. From 1556 through 1605, he reigned as Akbar the Great, the most powerful of the Mogul emperors of India. He abolished discrimination against Hindus. "His capital city became a flourishing cultural center where scholars of the Muslim and Hindu sects, Jains, Zoroastrians, and Christians met to discuss theology and philosophy. " He strongly supported the arts and music. "His long reign brought peace and prosperity to the entire Indian empire. " During the 19th century he incarnated as Thomas Moore, national lyricist of Ireland.

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Descended, and proceeded on a north west course. At one mile and a half struck the river, again running north; changed to that, and at two miles and a half camped. The country is now all burnt. I am obliged to stop where I can get feed for the horses. One of the channels comes close to the bank, east side, about six yards wide and two feet deep; bed sandy. The main channel must be in the middle of the plain.

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