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Q4. There are many cattle ranchers in the world, and there are also many McDonald's restaurants in the world. Why, then, does a McDonald's restaurant face a downward sloping demand curve while a cattle rancher faces a horizontal demand curve?How would this situation change if there were two McDonalds restaurants located very close to each other and only one of these firms raises its price?Q5. A sceptic says, 'marketing research and brand management are redundant. If a company wants to find out what customers want, it should simply look at what they are already buying'. Do you agree with the comment?Explain.

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A number of nations did not want this. Others were simply incapable of sensibly adopting the euro. What drove this?It was principally false lessons from history mixed with the vanity and ambition of elites. The result is becoming clear. A project aimed at bringing Europe together has manifestly had the opposite effect. There are lessons. To build a strong, liberal international order, its indeed important that we soundly reject isolationism and the folly of those who call for us to retreat into our shell. America and its allies must remain engaged and seek to shape the new emerging world order. But lets show a little modesty. Lets understand those spheres where we have more control, and those where we have less. Centrally, lets assume responsibility for the health and vitality of the West and see the current crisis for what it is: an immense challenge, but also an opportunity.

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National Park is a category of parks owned by the government. In this sentence the actual name of the park is not mentioned. The speaker is talking about a specific, unnamed National Park, so the is used. If the name of the park was used in the sentence, you dont need to use the:James Park was opened last week by the mayor. They went for a stroll around James Park. James Park is the actual name of the park, so dont use the. You could use the if the name of the park wasnt mentioned:They went for a stroll around the local park. Thank you for your article I have two questions. 1 In a sentence where you refer to existing infrastructure], do you need to use the definite article or not?Because it might be specific, even though it is not countable. 2 The other question is about public space. Do you need to use the definite article here or does it depend on the context?1.

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Although many aspects of West Point differ from typical four year undergraduate institutions, there are many reasons to believe that permitting computers in traditional lecture style classrooms could have even more harmful effects than those found in this study, the report reads. Students at West Point are highly incentivized to earn high marks, professors are expected to interact with their students during every lesson and class sizes are small enough that it is difficult for students to be completely distracted by their computer without the professor noticing. Luke Katz won first place in the first grade science fair at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Beatrice. His project was "Why do Leaves Change Colors?"James Moss won first place in the second grade science fair at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Beatrice. Her project was "Crystal Fudge. "Taylor Schuster won first place in the first grade science fair at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Beatrice. Her project was "Does Mint Really Cool Things Down?"Kendall Oates won the people's choice award during the science fair at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Beatrice.

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