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I think I really can't write for shit. Ok everyone. altogether now. "BOO SAMA BOSS STEWIE!BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"LENG!cibaikia, u caught me with this 1, cannot stop laughingand it's not menyuntah, it's muntah. bah bah baheh boss i told u b4 not?When I was in standard 6, I was the state runner up in some stupid malay quiz. STATE RUNNER UP MOU?REPRESENT TO GO TO NATIONALS WOR!but lost there laAhahahh classic!:About Malay.

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Five campuses, one Cumbria, infinite possibility. Cumbria equips, empowers and inspires you to discover great things from the day you arrive. Citation reference: Harvey, L. , 2004 20, Analytic Quality Glossary, Quality Research International, This is a dynamic glossary and the author would welcome any e mail suggestions for additions or amendments. Page updated 28 January, 2020 , An external examiner is a person from another institution or organisation who monitors the assessment process of an institution for fairness and academic standards. External examiners are normally academics but may also, in some settings, be employers or other professionals not employed in higher education institutions. For example, external examiners for fashion and textile degrees may be practicing cutting edge employers. The following currents use or have usedthe external examiner system: UK, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Malaysia,Brunei, India, Malawi, Hong Kong and in the technikons in South Africa Silver,1993; Warren Piper, 1994. External examiners thus monitor standards usually after the event, through evaluation of the student work. In rare cases, they might examine directly as, for example, examining a musical performance as part of the audience. External examiners are quite different from invigilators who are responsible for supervising examinations as they take place, ensuring the examination is conducted according to the rules.

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For a number of years, these probes were funded by the U. S. government, but lately the funding has been taken on by private sources. Several scientists have spent their lives trying to establish links between strange phenomena and the existence of life in outer space. Principal among them are Carl Sagan and Frank Drake. Carl Sagan theorized that alien life such as bacteria exist not only on our planet but throughout the universe. He also insisted that it is impossible that no other intelligent life exists in the universe other than on Earth. Frank Drake, the founder of SETI, has devoted his life to establish the presence of aliens. He is famous for coming up with the Drake or Green Bank equation. The Drake equation, can apparently help determine the number of intelligent civilizations that exist in our galaxy, Milky Way. It uses a number of factors to determine results, the rate of formation of stars, the average number of planets that have life, planets that will develop intelligent life, etc.

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The school has a capacity of over two hundred students and provides free access to early childhood education with free clothing. The philanthropists also off loaded a 40 foot container containing educational materials such as furniture, books, sports equipment and cartons of second hand clothing, amongst others. In his inaugural speech on behalf of the governor of Lower River Region, Lamin Darboe, deputy governor lauded the project, describing it as an important milestone in the annals of Nema Village. According to him, a nursey school is not only a preparatory room for learning but helps the child to acquire good character and discipline that will make them become responsible future leaders. He added that it is obligatory upon all human beings to seek knowledge in any form as according to him, it is only through education that sustainable development can be achieved. "Development in the true sense is not mapped in a single route. It is apparent that the best tool to any meaningful and lasting standard of living is through education. Therefore, the sponsors of this nursery school in Nema have done it all, since the importance of early childhood education cannot be over emphasised," he noted. According to deputy governor Darboe, the descision by the sponsors to build a nursery school in Nema that will provide free childhood education to two hundred students, is in line with the Gambia government policies and priorities in providing quality, accessible and affordable education to all. He challenged parents to inculcate good morals and learning aptitude into their children as well as to nurture discipline, which he said, is the cornerstone of any viable and decent society. He then assured the sponsors of his office's unflinching support to the nursery school.

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When enough satellites are in orbit broadcasting the L5 signal, youll really see this effect gain traction because there will be a lot more RTK GNSS designs to choose from, and the result will be better quality. More competition always results in better product quality and performance. The fact is that RTK receivers are moving towards becoming a commodity. As much as your local salesperson would like you to think they are selling a better RTK GNSS receiver, the technology gap between leading brand designers and others is closing and probably unnoticeable to most of you. The major differences end up being the quality and reliability of the finished product system design, battery, display, antenna integration, power supply, etc. Having a great RTK GNSS receiver board inside is useless if the system design is unreliable. For the longest time, its only been OmniStar now owned by Trimble and Starfire owned by Deere and Co. in the L band high precision correction game. Then, last year, the International GNSS Service announced its free decimeter real time PPP service.

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