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My view at the time was that, while intended to save her life, the actions of the State of Connecticut went way too far. Both her and her mother were opposed to chemotherapy, and it seemed at the time that Cassandra understood that refusing treatment would lead to her eventual death from HL and, while she was just under 18, she seemed to understand what the consequences of refusing treatment would be. I didnt hear that she thought that alternative treatments would cure her cancer until she relapsed, and by that point, she was an adult. The other thing is that, when the state steps in and forces treatment, it makes us that is, proponents of science based medicine look bad in the eyes of some, and it probably gives the cancer quacks more fuel to rail against chemotherapy. Certainly most people would feel uncomfortable with a 17 year old with cancer being taken from her home and family by child services, forcibly treated with chemotherapy, and not be allowed to have contact with her family during that period. Ultimately, the question is do the ends justify the means?, and in this case I would have to say that they did not. In cases where the child is younger, I would say yes, but with a 17 year old, I just cant say that they do. @Lawrence Yes, they probably will blame the chemo, even though she initially went into remission. Many quacks especially homeopaths claim that conventional treatments somehow interfere with the nonexistent ability of their so called treatments to work. @Orac The GoFundMe page you quoted says in January of 2017 cassandra discovered that now both of her lungs are full of masses along with her surrounding lungs , chest , surrounding heart and neck . Cassandra now has to go through a very intensive 6 9 months of chemotherapy, again in hopes that things clear up.

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In contrast, when meeting with the teacher, the kindergartners elaborated on what they wrote about their work. And once students became more fluent with their writing skills, they were able to represent their reflective thoughts more easily. Initially the students at Croton Elementary often offered stereotypical comments such as "This was fun!" or "I chose this piece of work because it is my best. " Teachers realized that they needed to spend time teaching students how to reflect. They asked students, "What does a reflection look like when it really tells you something about the experience?" After considerable discussionand after considering models of reflection from students and published authorsthe students began to understand what was called for. Reflection was not a time for testimonials about how good or bad the experience was. Instead, reflection was the time to consider what was learned from the experience. Reflection was a time to describe what students saw in their own work that changed, needed to change, or might need to be described so another person might understand its meaning. Figure 12. 1 shows how teachers characterized student work as students acquired the capacity for reflection. The teachers then summarized key statements that students made about their work when asked the question "What would I change to make my work better?" Students from kindergarten through 2nd grade made comments such as these: I would add to the picture.

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Duncan is a 1994 graduate of the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute, with over 3000 hours of Emergency Service, Law Enforcement, and Polygraph related training. He is a certified Peace Officer and maintains status as a Master Peace Officer Standards and Training Council Instructor; having served as a Criminal Investigator for a county Sheriff's Office, Supervisory Polygraph Examiner for the Georgia State Patrol, Deputy Director of the Argenbright International Institute of Polygraph, and Adjunct Instructor for the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute. He is currently a Private Investigator and Polygraph Examiner, conducting investigations and polygraph examinations in several states. His academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree. Steve holds memberships in the Georgia Polygraph Association and the American Polygraph Association; having held Board of Director positions in both organizations. Russell D. Hayes, Instructor. Mr. Hayes is a graduate of the American International Institute of Polygraph. He received certification in Police Employment Background Training from the Institute of Police Technology and Management. Prior to retiring after 30 years of service as a Trooper with the Georgia State Patrol he served in the Special Investigation Division as a Background Sergeant and Polygraph Examiner, as well as a P.

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Support and training are available for all services through knowledge base articles, presentations, in person and remote sessions. Research Information Services and Computing RISC and the Information Security and Privacy Office ISPO takes seriously the commitment to protect the confidentiality of information important to Partners' academic and research mission. The division of Research Information Science and Computing RISC is the cornerstone of the scientific utilization of Information Technology at Partners HealthCare. This training video was developed by a subcommittee of the NIH Animal Research Advisory Committee to assist in the development of proper surgical skills when performing survival surgery on rodents. It illustrates the most common practices used in the NIH intramural research program and survival rodent surgery standards established by the NIH Guidelines for Survival Rodent Surgery. The screenshot below will then be displayed. Select General Training in Survival Rodent Surgery and view the video. After completing the video, return to Aseptic Technique course to complete the quiz. If you are experiencing problems accessing or using Blackboard, be sure to check the MyHudsonValley Portal Blackboard FAQ page. Additionally, the Support and Tutorials tab in Blackboard provides tutorials on many common tasks. NOTE: Students with course content related questions i.

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Chicken Meal : Chicken meal is the dry rendered cooked down product from a combination of clean flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone , derived from the parts of whole carcasses of chicken exclusive of feathers, heads, feet, or entrails. Eileen Layne of the CVMA Canada said that when the public read pet food labels saying meat and bone meal , what it really means is cooked and converted animals, including some dogs and cats . Protein derived from pets and roadkill is hidden as meat meal , meat by products or simply animal protein. bone broth, also regular broth, helps my kitty stay interested in eating her wet food and boiled meats. A wide variety of bone meal powder for cats options are available to you, such as bone meal , fish meal . While cats and dogs differ with most things, when it comes to a traditional dish for sick pets they most certainly dont. As a topper or complete meal , theyre a high protein and low carb way to add moisture to your cats diet. Bone Meal Powder is an excellent source of Calcium. Due to the fact that dogs and cats are not susceptible to mad cow disease, bone meal is still very popular as dog and cat food supplements. Eggshellent Calcium is the first animal origin alternative to bone as a calcium supplement. Bone meal is typically prepared as a rendered by product of slaughtered cattle from the beef and dairy industry.

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