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I understand that any violation of this confidentiality statement will subject me to disciplinary action, up to and including removal from this subcommittee and/or discharge. I further understand that my duty to maintain the information in confidence imposed hereunder shall survive my resignation or termination from this subcommittee. Signature/Date: Printed Name/Title: Witness Signature/Date:Click on any of the pictures for a larger version. There are now more than 550 images on this website. Looking for something specific?Use our search engine, located on the right side of the header on every page. This is a partial list of local history books, pamphlets, phone books, etc. that we have in our collection. This list will be expanded as we get the chance, and new items will be added when we acquire them. At the end of this list are other items that have no local interest, other than they were printed locally. Allegheny College 1998 Alumni Directory, for official College and Alumni Association use. Hardbound, 643 pages, printed by Bernard C.

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None of them had ever carried out research in their classes. In planning the course I had decided to focus initially on the topics teachers asked for. The information collected during the first informal meeting was used for this purpose. Their suggestions were grouped under the following topics: student motivation and attitudes, learning styles and strategies, and classroom management issues, especially ways of questioning and giving feedback in E LT. After I met the group, I realized it was necessary to update their knowledge of E LT. So in the first two weeks, I provided them with theoretical knowledge on each topic; I introduced the relevant topic and terminology, and gave examples from research studies.

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In other words, length of exposure to form focused language instruction in itself predicts to a considerable extent the quality and quantity of metalinguistic knowledge the instructed L2 learners participating in the current study developed. All participants were university students enrolled in a language programme; they were Cartier Pasha Replica all educated adults who had had ample exposure to form focused L2 instruction,Cartier Two tone Architecture Charm Ring with Diamonds, both in the context of the L2s under study and in the context of other foreign languages. The participants were thus experienced language learners who had progressed through the educational system successfully; given their interest in foreign languages, they had taken up a course of study that emphasised, valued, and indeed often necessitated the development of metalinguistic knowledge. Hence, the participant sample consisted of a selected group of learners who had proved themselves able to acquire a certain command of explicit L2 knowledge alongside their developing L2 proficiency see also Roehr, 2008b. In sum, our result seems to support the claim that the development of metalinguistic knowledge is influenced not only by learner internal individual difference variables, as hypothesised previously Collentine, 2000; DeKeyser, 2003, 2005, but also by learner external variables such as prolonged exposure to formal L2 instruction in itself see also Elder and Manwaring, 2004; Elder et al. , 1999; Renou, 2000; Sorace, 1985. Of course, more likely than not, these two sets of variables interact with one another see below. The outcome of the principal components analysis see Table 2 indicates that metalinguistic knowledge is a construct which is separate and distinguishable from both language learning aptitude and working memory for language. The independence of metalinguistic knowledge and working memory for language is particularly clear. Neither LI nor L2 reading span correlated significantly with any of the metalinguistic measures see Table 1. Moreover, in the principal components analysis, the metalinguistic measures and the measures of working memory for language loaded on two separate, clearly identifiable components.

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