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And, with so many other natual disasters, the gods will say it was my fault, and the disfavored will blindly subscribe, losing this opportunity to realize the are victims of the god's wrath, which could have helped them become genuinely god fearing, the primary goal of scapegoatting. The $100 billion was used to accomplish many goals, all of them preditory on the disfavored. Don't forget:::The other two were used to hurt people "after the fact". You used me beforehand. The other two Jesus at least were "after the fact" as well. You have me continuously throughout my life.

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The naturopath will provide clear information regarding fee structures for naturopathic consultations and will respond in full to any questions in this regard, or as required by law. Section 2 The naturopath will consider, in determining professional fees, both the nature of the service provided and the ability of the patient to pay, and will be prepared to discuss the fee with the patientSection 3. The naturopath may require a reasonable payment for services with regard for fee structures in the profession as a whole, and with due consideration to the varying business costs locally, and the value of experience in the field. Section 6. Collection procedures on overdue accounts must be taken with tact and restraint, and only after duly advising the patient of the arrears. Any interest charged on overdue accounts must be reasonable, and levied only after notice of failure of payments has been given. a Respect the client/patients right to treatment with informed and voluntary consent. The medical naturopath will obtain and record the informed consent of the client/patient, or client/patients advocate, before providing treatment. This consent may be written and/or verbal. b If it could be necessary that the client/patient disrobe in order for the medical naturopath to carry out their treatment or examination then the client/patient must be informed prior to the consultation. c Accurately inform client/patients, other health care practitioners, and the public of the scope and limitations of their discipline.

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