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Q. S. Az Zumar : 5. Jadi melalui ayat ini secara tersirat Allah Subhanahu wa Taala memberitahukan kepada manusia bahwa bumi itu bulat tidak seperti kepercayaan mayoritas manusia saat Al Quran diturunkan bahwa bumi itu datar. Kepercayaan manusia bahwa bumi itu datar adalah berasal dari otoritas gereja bersumber dari ayat ayat Kitab Suci mereka yang katanya berasal dari Tuhan, seperti:Matius 24, 31: Dan Ia akan menyuruh keluar malaikat malaikat Nya dengan meniup sangkakala yang dahsyat bunyinya dan mereka akan mengumpulkan orang orang pilihan Nya dari KEEMPAT PENJURU BUMI, dari ujung langit yang satu ke ujung langit yang lain. Wahyu 7, 1: Kemudian dari pada itu aku melihat empat malaikat berdiri pada KEEMPAT PENJURU BUMI dan mereka menahan keempat angin bumi, supaya jangan ada angin bertiup di darat, atau di laut atau di pohon pohon. Wahyu 20, 8: Dan dia akan pergi menyesatkan bangsa bangsa dari KEEMPAT PENJURU BUMI, yaitu Gog dan Magog dan mengumpulkan mereka untuk berperang dan jumlah mereka sama dengan banyaknya pasir di laut. Masih banyak ayat Al Kitab yang menyatakan bumi ini datar dan bersudut empat seperti pada: Matius 12: 42, Lukas 11: 31, Kisah Rasul 1: 8, Roma 10: 18 dan Amsab 17: 42. Al Quran, yang diturunkan di saat mayoritas manusia berpikir bahwa bumi itu datar, menyatakan secara langsung bumi itu bulat akan membuat Islam semakin tidak diterima dan makin banyak orang akan menuduh Nabi Muhammad Shallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam benar benar gila. Masalah bumi itu bulat bukanlah masalah yang terkait langsung dengan akidah, akhlaq dan syariah yang menjadi misi utama Islam. Oleh sebab itu ayat ayat yang menyatakan bumi itu bulat diturunkan Allah Subhanahu wa Taala secara tersirat, karena Al Quran sebagai ayat ayat Allah harus sejalan dengan ayat ayat Allah / tanda tanda kebesaran Allah yang terdapat di alam semesta yang kebenarannya akan dapat dibuktikan dengan ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi.

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Further guidance on the report, including the form, is available from the External Examiners webpage. Please note that External Examiners can submit claim for any expenses that they have incurred, e. g. for attending exam board meetings, at any time. Please refer to the Expenses claims for External Examiners for further information. External examiners are entitled to claim for reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses incurred during the course of attending exam board meetings. In order to submit a claim, examiners must complete the expenses claim form, which can be found on the External Examiners webpage. The form must be completed in full and submitted to the department who will need to authorise the claim before forwarding it to EandA for processing. Full guidance on how to ensure that expenses claim meets the requirements for processing is available from Finance webpages. In some instances, departments may arrange for External Examiners to be accommodated in a college during the course of attendance at exam board meetings in Oxford. In such instances, the college may send an invoice for the cost incurred directly to the department.

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In this study, Greenberg 1990 looked at employee theft as a reaction to inequity. A manufacturing company had lost two large contracts which forced the company to temporarily reduce pay of their employees in Plants A and B while employees in Plant C did not have to reduce pay. Plant A workers received a 90 minute meeting to explain these pay cuts while workers of Plant B received only a 15 minute meeting. Greenberg 1990 hypothesized that Plant B would experience a large increase in employee theft, Plant A would experience a slight increase, while Plant C's theft rate would stay the same. Two categories of dependent measures were used, data on employee theft and self report measures were reported as well Greenberg, 1990. Once again, his theories were correct. Plant B experienced a large increase in theft while Plant A experienced a smaller increase. Plant C's employee theft remained the same Greenberg, 1990. 1992: Product quality and pay equity between lower level employees and top management: An investigation of distributive justice theory. Cowherd and Levine 1992 used a sample 102 business units in 41 corporations to examine whether the size of the pay differential between lower level employees and top management had any impact on product quality. Cowherd and Levine suggest that individuals often compare their pay to that of people higher in the organization structure.

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