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La Trobe University has a distinct mission to serve the community by engaging in relevant and inclusive research and teaching. Our aim is to produce graduates who are rounded citizens as well as trained professionals. By signing the MOU both organisations have renewed a commitment to each other and to the Greater Bendigo community to: Develop Bendigo as a centre of regional health providers; Address climate change through research opportunities for academics and by supporting business innovation; Advance the vibrancy of View Street Arts Precinct; Promote the universitys conference and other facilities for major events and to business and the wider community; Development of additional student accommodation on campus and/or within the CBD; Further development of the Central Victorian Innovation Office; Further development of the Australian Military Mobility Centre; Encourage access to Council owned venues and resources such as the Town Hall, Exhibition Centre, Art Gallery and The Capital; Develop La Trobe University as the primary research service provider in an effort to develop local higher education critical mass; Collaborate on industry specific conferences, forums and programs; Support for strategies and programs proposed by both organisations for funding purposes;Media Inquiries:Ros Manning City of Greater Bendigo 5434 6114Zerin Knight La Trobe University 5444 7375 or 0428 463 161A Memorandum of Understanding MOU was signed today by City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr David Jones and La Trobe University Vice Chancellor Professor Paul Johnson in front of invited guests at a reception in the Bendigo Town Hall. City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Cr David Jones said it is the Citys role to advocate on behalf of the community and the MOU details a strong commitment by both organisations to work together. The educational, economic and social benefits that come from having a campus of La Trobe University in Bendigo are enormous. The University with some 4,000 students plays an extremely important role in the life of our region.

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And in health care, he would simply nationalize the insurance sector, putting everyone on a Medicare style plan. I am leaving out some nuance. Both Warren and Sanders support single payer health care, an example of nationalizing a market. They both want a public option for financial services through simple bank transactions at the post office. Sanderss Workplace Democracy Act changes the rules to make it easier to form unions, a classic market restructuring move. His proposed bill to tax employers whose workers receive federal benefits influenced Amazons increase of its entry level wages, and that was the intent: organizing private sector labor markets without taking them over or imposing standards.

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They ignore so many facts and examples. Poverty is not their real concern. Its a smokescreen to avoid any change in their cherished status quo. Its not an intellectually honest issue. You can tell by what they are silent on more than what they talk about. I agree with the notion that the one real negative is the politicization curious that Gary chose that particular quote from Einstein, but for a different reason: politics is a thugs game revolving around money. You need to play by those rules in that game. People lambast unions for doing that yet weve given them no choice by taking the opportunity to screw over teachers every chance we get. I think you should reread what Einstein had to say about union involvement in the "political field. " As in other issues he knew what he was talking about. A quote from one of the linked studies above: "Teachers are also essential advocates for their students because their needs are bound up with the needs of their students to the extent that concessions for teachers benefit students and enhance teacher quality and student achievement.

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He suggests education and transparency. But Uber is already embracing these strategies, trying to warn customers when surge pricing is likely and to make sure customers understand and agree to the surge price when requesting a car. So Dholakia misses the key point. It is not ignorance that leads to customer annoyance with surge pricing. Customers understand exactly what surge pricing does. And that is why they do not like it. From the customers' perspective, surge pricing does two things. First, it encourages more drivers and so makes it more likely that the customer can get home or where ever else they are going in less time albeit at a higher and possibly much higher monetary price. Second, however, surge pricing creates a transfer. When I jump into the Uber car I don't know if my driver only decided to work because of the surge pricing.

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One law student at the University of Strathclyde alleged online that his EU law lecturer had removed Article 50 discussion from the class because she didnt want to talk about. Meanwhile, Lucy Harris, a UCL graduate and founder of London Leavers, a pro Brexit group, said that an anthropology lecturer had publicly refused to shake her hand when she attended an anti Brexit talk named the state were in. Polls released earlier this year suggested that just eight per cent of lecturers voted to leave the EU. Research published by the Adam Smith Institute has also warned that group think mentality is rife within academia and that dissenting opinions are neutralised, and favoured beliefs are held as sacrosanct. Meanwhile, a survey of more than 400 Conservative students conducted this week by The Bow Group found that 81 per cent of respondents do not believe Brexit is taught in an impartial manner. The revelations come during a week in which Chris Heaton Harris, a Tory MP, was vilified on social media for writing to university vice chancellors requesting information on politics related courses. His request provoked outrage among some of the countrys leading academics, including Chris Patten, the chancellor of Oxford University, who described the request as idiotic Leninism. They include Sir Anthony Seldon, vice chancellor of Buckingham University, who described the furore over the letter as hysterical, adding that there is far too much negativity towards Brexit in academia. I may have voted to remain but I felt the reaction was completely over the top, he added. "It was disproportionate, and unfortunately that sort of intemperate response only arouses suspicion. His comments were echoed by Alan Sked, Emeritus Professor of international history at LSE, who said that pig ignorant academics with anti Brexit political bias were failing to uphold free speech.

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