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You can deny, deny, deny but if thats the case youre likely in a band thats been a bit embittered by being left out. Dont delude yourself and your band into oblivion. Im here to help. By now, if youre gigging pretty regularly you should have an online press kit. If you dont, sign on to a website like Sonicbids after you let your girlfriend smack you around for spinning your wheels when you kept insisting that you guys were really gonna make it this time. You were totally lying the whole time if you hadnt set this up yet. The online press kit is one of the most advantageous things you can have if your band has any aspirations of playing with a major act. Its convenient for all parties involved. Whatever website hosts your online press kit is likely to have various events associated with it; at least it should if its reputable. Finding that out is up to you so make sure you do your research. By having everything right there at the click of a mouse prospective clubs, contest juries, festival coordinators and promoters can check your stuff out and see how it gels with what theyre looking for.

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happy gardening. Once well composted leaf compost is a great organic material to use in any growing process. But by itself its usually sticky so Id still mix in shredded bark mulch. If you grind the leaves before composting they will break down much quicker. Mike,I live in an area along the James River in Virginia that is mostly Loblooy pines and clay soil. I plan on making raised beds and not tilling up the soil but putting topsoil in the vegetable/flower beds. Since its so much clay in the soil, would you put drainage pipes with holes in them at the bottom of the raised beds that drain out the water from each bed?Also, when the builder had 1 acre cleared for the house, I asked him to leave me the pine wood chips but he said they werent good for gardens even if aged for 3 4 years because they arent good for the soil. Was he right or just trying to keep the wood chips to sell?If you put the topsoil right on top of the clay it should be fine without drainage pipes. Just dont excavate before adding the soil. The pine chips would have eventually had some organic value and even fresh they make a fair mulch around established plants and are great for making walk ways to dry up mud. I reading your tips and tricks.

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Some elements that are typically gothic include ancient prophecies, mystery and suspense, supernatural events, dreams and visions, violence, and a gloomy and desolate setting. Charlotte Bronte, the author of Jane Eyre, was greatly influenced by the gothic movement. This is obvious to anyone who has read her work. Jane Eyre, in particular, falls into the tradition of the late eighteenth and nineteenth century gothic novels. Gothic elements can be seen in the mystery behind Thornfield and Rochester's past. There is also a prevalent theme of the supernatural, such as the appearance of Mr. Reed's ghost, the ghoulish and sinister laughter of Bertha Mason, and Rochester's disembodied voice calling out to Jane. Furthermore, there is a great deal of suspense that is generated by the violent behaviour of Bertha Mason. The gothic elements of mystery, violence and the supernatural have the strongest presence in Jane Eyre. The mystery behind Thornfield and Rochester's past is a strong theme in the novel. When Jane first arrived at Thornfield, already she could sense that something was.

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