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i have already finished my english courses and just need Math, Science, and Speech. the rest are all culinary courses and recquire a uniform everyday which is also the main reason why i want to only take culinary courses all at one rather then going in a uniform all day. Not an easy thing to figure it out, anyway. But let me offer you my example I'm in my 30's now and 14 yrs ago I was in your position exact the same. Today i went for my toefl test months ago I took sat,act elts test , I'm trying to go to college so badly before I got kids, to give them an example , to prove my self that I was once confuse but now I know that education can make your life a little bit easier. I really wish you good luck and please what ever you do be coherent if you decide today to jump in the work space get ready to work harder and don't expect anything more , remember other people of your age are still in school trying to get a bigger check in. Their tomorrow . May be you dont feel excited because you don't know or haven't found out yet which field you would like to pursue a career in, start with the basic questions, what do you enjoy, in terms of subjects, hobbies, tv shows sports etc and start form there. HELLO EVERYONE!A common question/concern I've been getting a lot recently is "Should I get my masters?" "What kinds of jobs can I get in sociology?So toda. HELLO EVERYONE!A common question/concern I've been getting a lot recently is "Should I get my masters?" "What kinds of jobs can I get in sociology?So toda. I applied for a PGCE course and I had to make a video explaining to 16 year olds, "What is sociology?" It would have been better if I'd used a BBC circa 1948.

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Anytime a law is proposed, or passed or even being considered especially when it concerns our children I believe it is our DUTY to look at the issues from all angles; to research What is Seen and What is Not Seen. What bothers me most about this initiative is that we are allowing others the consortium to decide what is the best education for our children; the standards, the curriculum. I dont know who these people are, we are just told they are the experts, teachers, researchers Id like to know the names of the people setting these standards. What if gasp!THEY the consortium have a political agenda?My opinion is that we are buying yet another program/standards/curriculum to ensure that our children have a superior education and are ready for the workforce and college. Why not invest that money into the teachers, into their pedagogy and keep programs/standards local so there is accountability on a LOCAL level?Then I will know who the people are, or at least can find out and go to those people when I have concerns. The best way to educate our children is when we work together as a community, as districts, as a state to raise the standards specific to our children. Let the experts, researchers, teachers be from OUR community, from OUR state. We have signed into something that we clearly dont know enough about; again when it comes to our children, I think it is unconscionable to NOT look into this more carefully!One of the advantages to these Common STANDARDS is that they are designed for and by educators. We have not purchased this as a state. I personally have served on the committees that have written the Utah State ELA Core Standards and I have researched many state core standards. I have the Common Core standards nearly memorized and have been using them in my classrooms for years.

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Guy Hamilton, famed British director, died at age 93 on April 21. Detectives intend to review multiple 911 calls placed after the shooting to determine what had happened before Jace is formally charged. Until now, there are no news and rumors of their separation or having extramarital affairs. Outside of the Alf suit, he gained fame for playing the creepy butler Hans in the cult horror film, "Waxwork. ". Carrie Fisher, a. k. a. James Nederlander, owner of Hollywood's Pantages Theatre, died July 26 at age 94. In 2014 Chiklis joined the cast of American Horror Story for its fourth season, American Horror Story: Freak Show. He was 73.

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