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This sketch of the Guggenheim was drawn by architect and artist Marion Mahony Griffin. One of the first licensed female architects in the world, Griffin worked with Frank Lloyd Wright, producing many beautiful watercolor renderings of buildings and landscapes that became known as a staple of Wrights style. This is a selection from Pritzker Prize winning architect, Tadao Andos sketchbook. It depicts 152 Elizabeth Street, a condominium in New York City that stands out with its tall glass windows and poured in place concrete panels. The illustration is both minimal and expressive, providing the key elements of the structure. Now its your turn: Register for the One Drawing Challenge and submit your best architectural drawing for a chance to win $2,500!It would be hard to think of another modern institution that has touched as many children as Sesame Street.

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Richard Mellott from 1986 1987. Dr. Church has been LCCCs president since March, 1987. The college used a national search committee to find candidates to fill the vacancy. The American Governing Board AGB launched its search in the fall of 2015 lead by Dr. Carlos Hernandez.

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Abuse prevention is not a task for one person, it takes a whole community to protect the vulnerable sector. As staff and volunteers we can step up to the plate and provide up to date criminal record checks and offer to take annual training. As board members and administrators we cannot put this task on our program leaders and leave it to them to do it on their own. If those are not your strengths, admit it. We recommend you carve out time on your calendar, well in advance of your program starting. We must be held accountable for protection. Just last week we had a conversation with a senior pastor who realized he needed to hold his youth directors more accountable for their time alone with students. The staff had established their own policies and they included determining who needed to be screened and who didnt and who they could be alone with. No one person should make these decisions on their own. If protection is one of our core values, we really need a different perspective when it comes to the process of protection. Instead of looking at it as an obstacle, we need to see it as a means of valuing and caring for vulnerable persons.

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However, in the words ofLily Potter below, their child thought different. "I was guarding my child in the nursery of our Godric's Hollow Cottage,"Lily Potter said, "when barged into theroom. He knocked me aside, and I was lucky to have survived. Butmy child thought I had just been killed. "Whether it was because of a side effect of having survived the KillingCurse, or whether it was the child's latent Metamorph talents comingto the surface, the Heir Apparent of the House of Potter took on adramatic change that Halloween night. "My theory is," Lily Potter said, "that my child wanted to be closer tome.

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1The place of the arbitration shall be fixed by the Court, unless agreed upon by the parties. 2The arbitral tribunal may, after consultation with the parties, conduct hearings and meetings at any location it considers appropriate, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. 3The arbitral tribunal may deliberate at any location it considers appropriate. The proceedings before the arbitral tribunal shall be governed by the Rules and, where the Rules are silent, by any rules which the parties or, failing them, the arbitral tribunal may settle on, whether or not reference is thereby made to the rules of procedure of a national law to be applied to the arbitration. In the absence of an agreement by the parties, the arbitral tribunal shall determine the language or languages of the arbitration, due regard being given to all relevant circumstances, including the language of the contract. 1The parties shall be free to agree upon the rules of law to be applied by the arbitral tribunal to the merits of the dispute. In the absence of any such agreement, the arbitral tribunal shall apply the rules of law which it determines to be appropriate. 2The arbitral tribunal shall take account of the provisions of the contract, if any, between the parties and of any relevant trade usages. 3The arbitral tribunal shall assume the powers of an amiable compositeur or decide ex aequo et bono only if the parties have agreed to give it such powers. 1The arbitral tribunal and the parties shall make every effort to conduct the arbitration in an expeditious and cost effective manner, having regard to the complexity and value of the dispute. 2In order to ensure effective case management, the arbitral tribunal, after consulting the parties, may adopt such procedural measures as it considers appropriate, provided that they are not contrary to any agreement of the parties.

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