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5 and youre looking northeast over the Rock Creek drainage toward Baker Valley. A mine tunnel that goes all the way through the mountain right here in our little ol neck of the woods!From above, you can see that Tunnel No. 3 curved as it reached the boundary between Crescent and Crown and headed almost due north until it ended close to directly under the ridge line. Imagine dropping a deep shaft from Tunnel No. 4 and intersecting Tunnel No. 3 near its unnamed crosscut.

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We offer a few kinds of candy and have added place cards to the mix. Business has been good; we ship hundreds of orders each year around the country and the world. I get such a warm feeling working with these dedicated parents who are so proud of their kids they could burst. Siblings andChicagoans Brad and Danielle Weisberg were checking out a datingwebsite one day last year. When Brad left to run errands, theirmother, Barbara, also in the room at the time, asked if she couldsift through profiles for him in his absence. It turned out he wasimpressed by many of the profiles his mother chose. !Whilesome of you may be thinking at this point, that this must be the setup for a bad Jewish joke, entrepreneurial minded Brad and Danielleknew they were onto something. Once both parties agree to set up their kids, theprofiles are emailed to their children. The kids then take it fromthere and can choose whether or not to email their potential match. In the little overa year since the site launched, more than 2,100 moms have joined thesite and more than 5,000 messages have been sent. Benny started his career as soloist with cantor Gluck.

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Know your article's purpose and specific audience and narrow your slant or focus just for them. More About Larry James. Shorter seems to be better in many ways, but you are right, it must contain some MEAT!But why is this important?Wish me luck!This really helps them make sense of the entire text. Drop most "is" verb forms and "ands. " Break down each paragraph into four standard length sentences Great article. Just say it once, clearly and concisely, and then move on.

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Cornell University Law School ud. b New York Times v. Sullivan 1964 , Available from: york times v. sullivan 1964 . Diamond, J. 2015 Donald Trump jumps in: The Donalds latest white house run is officially on, CNN , 17 June, , Available from: nli, G. 2017 Twitter as arena for the authentic outsider: Exploring the social media campaigns of Trump and Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election, European Journal of Communication, 321, pp. 50 61. Gentzkow, M. , Glaeser, E. L.

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