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Kate said that either online or face to face sessions should be integrated without disconnection; thus, instructors need to guide intern teachers to integrate their activities in both environments. Another example was integrating an assignment of watching videos online with discussion activities in class. Kate asked the interns to download and watch Misunderstood Minds online. She said that the activity was for helping interns design a special education fact sheet which studies special education cases. In session seven, Kate provided opportunities for the interns to discuss the movie and their special education fact sheet. Even though the interns did not have opportunities to share their opinions online, Kate provided assignments and activities to integrate the online activities with authentic assignments.

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In 1936, the BBC did broadcast propaganda to the Arab World to partly counter similar broadcasts from Italy, which also had colonial interests in North Africa. Modern insurgents, such as those in the latest Iraq war, often use intimidating telephone calls, SMSs and the distribution of sophisticated videos of an attack on coalition troops within hours of the operation. "The Sunni insurgents even have their own television station, Al Zawraa, which while banned by the Iraqi government, still broadcasts from Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, even as coalition pressure has forced it to switch satellite hosts several times. " In an analog telephone network, the caller is connected to the person he wants to talk to by switches at various telephone exchanges. The switches form an electrical connection between the two users and the setting of these switches is determined electronically when the caller dials the number. Once the connection is made, the caller's voice is transformed to an electrical signal using a small microphone in the caller's handset.

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Ive been blessed to stumble upon it a few years ago and come here daily. Every once in a while an article comes along that I must share with my circle. Boiled down to the essence of where we came from , what were facing and what the most likely outcomes are thankfully no exact prediction that wouldnt be believable. Im sending it along today to the people I care about. Damn. That about sums it all up. Every Last Bit. I share your concerns, frustration and all the rest of the issues you so eloquently wrote about. Like you I dont know what the future holds or where we go from here. I too hope it isnt as bad as it looks like it will be and these days my focus is on living one day at a time while still prepping for what may be. Contrary voices must be silenced by TPTB, cant have truth muddying the waters, truth upsets the narrative and gets in the way of total and complete control of society.

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