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B. Motion to approve the Augusta School Departments participation in Maine Municipal Association Workers Compensation Safety Incentive Program. Attachment 5Move to approve the Augusta School Departments participation in Maine Municipal Association Workers Compensation Safety Incentive Program. C. Motion to approve initiating an application for an Emergency Medical Technician program at CATC. Attachment 6 D. Motion to approve submitting an application for splitting the CIP code for CNA and Medical/Veterinary Terminology. Attachment 7 E. Policy AC: Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. At this time second reading waiver language not available. Attachment 8 F.

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Mill almost certainly got its name from the fact that Young and Rimbols water powered sawmill of the 1880s was located along the two blocks of Mill St from Granite St to Auburn Street. As on Granite St, businesses came and went. As on Granite St, most of them burned in 1917. In Brewing up Trouble, I introduced one of this section of towns most iconic buildings: the Basche Building. The Basche Building was built in 1899 and housed C. C. Pharaoh Khasekhemwy. Their age should be more than 400 years older than Khufu's CheopsShips were 25 meters long, 2. 5 meters wide and about 0. 5 meters deep, seating about 30 rowers. They had narrowing sterns and prows and they were painted.

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I knew he was a real pro I could never learn from. So I got up from the desk, and walked out the front, never looking back. Countless studies have shown how quickly potential clients form an opinion. Resources like The Psychology Of First Impressions by marketing and branding strategist Frank Schab talk about many of the critical factors Hailing from New Jersey originally, Allison came to the Valley of the Sun eight years ago for work and fell in with the balance here. As a Designer, she works on layout design and illustration at Six Degrees. In her free time Allison enjoys working with animals at sanctuaries, reading good books and spending time with her family and friends. Participating in a Towson University rendition of The Apprentice, Allison impressed the CEO of McCormick and Company and won her first job working for the eponymous spice company. Allison designed a 2019 cookbook written by her cousins. The recipes were inspired by empowering women throughout history, so they gave it the wonderful title, Empowdered Sugar. Always solutions oriented and with seemingly limitless energy, Allison is a great team player and always willing to pitch in and try new approaches to achieve desired results. ABOUT PAMELAAs a passionate graphic designer with over 20 years of professional experience and nearly as much experience living abroad, Pam brings a special blend of creative skills and global perspective to her work.

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A thorough understanding of the pelvic floor and sphincter anatomy is a prerequisite for clearly understanding the classification system for fistulous disease. See the image below. The external sphincter muscle is a striated muscle under voluntary control by three components: submucosal, superficial, and deep muscle. Its deep segment is continuous with the puborectalis and forms the anorectal ring, which is palpable upon digital examination. The internal sphincter muscle is a smooth muscle under autonomic control and is an extension of the circular muscle of the rectum. In simple cases, the Goodsall rule can help anticipate the anatomy of a fistula in ano. This rule states that fistulas with an external opening anterior to a plane passing transversely through the center of the will follow a straight radial course to the dentate line. Fistulas with their openings posterior to this line will follow a curved course to the posterior midline see the image below. Exceptions to this rule are external openings lying more than 3 cm from the verge. These almost always originate as a primary or secondary tract from the posterior midline, consistent with a previous horseshoe abscess. The classification system developed by Parks, Gordon, and Hardcastle generally known as the Parks classification is the one most commonly used for fistula in ano.

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