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I mean you could have heard a pin drop. You may already know this, but it has been my experience that when a Jewish man speaks of his father, it is usually, perhaps even in the majority of cases, done with such fealty, and devotion that you leave with an enhanced understanding of the mitzvah of "kibud av", honoring thy father. And so it was when Rabbi Twerski related the story of his father who exhorted his young son to grow up and become a mensch, naturally. A handsome man of slight stature, a really great white beard, and eyes which have seen quite a lot, Rabbi Twerski has one of those special faces that invite us in with a pleasant mien and whose years reassure us we've come to the right man. If there was one primary lesson with which one might have returned home last Wednesday night, March 2, 2011, I'd like to suggest the following: that each one of us should strive to embody true Torah values in our lives. That is, however, only one half of the equation.

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Migrate data to newer media every 3 5 years. CDs and DVDs are probably the most common optical storage options although there are many fascinating others. Like external hard drives, CDs and DVDs should not be kept adjacent to other copies of your data. They should also not be considered long term storage and data should be migrated to newer media every 3 5 years. Storing your data "in The Cloud" is an easy way to meet the "1 copy offsite" piece of the 3 2 1 Rule. Cloud storage is also nice because you can often sync your files from your computer, making backing up a breeze. However, most cloud storage solutions are owned by private companies, so it's important to remember to be aware that 1 your data may not be private as the company probably has the right to look at it and might have the right to do what it pleases with that data and 2 that company may go out of business or otherwise become obsolete. A note about syncing: While it's very handy to have your files automatically synced onto a cloud server, make sure the files on your computer are not automatically overwriting what's in the cloud. This video from Explaining Computers gives some terrifying reasons why this is important. Full or part time faculty, students, and staff at Penn have access to a Penn+Box account has unlimited storage. Penn+Box has been reviewed and vetted by Penn's ISC Information Security and has been approved for storing confidential data, FERPA information, and, with IRB approval, human subject research data.

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Access Full SourceArticulated Vehicle WikipediaVolvo front loader on which the front portion pivots for turning Interior of an articulated tram, showing the pivoting floor and concertina gangway connection . An articulated vehicle is a vehicle which has a permanent or semi permanent pivot joint in its construction, allowing the vehicle to turn more sharply. Read ArticleWB140/150 Revise. qx Page 1 Clairemontequipment. comWB140/150 Komatsu backhoe loadersbring together the versatility of a backhoe loader with the performance of an excavator.

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The program aimed to test ways to legalize basement apartments as a way to create new, sanctioned affordable housing units for tenants and help the moderate income homeowners who might rent some of the spaces out. It was a key community demand during the negotiations over the East New York rezoning, the first of the mayors neighborhood redevelopment plans. In the mayors executive budget, the basement pilot program is expected to see funds cut by $1. 09 million in the coming year leaving the program with only $91,580 for operations. Initially, the basement pilot program, which was launched last year, was slated to receive $12 million dollars for operational costs during a three year period. Dozens of nonprofits signed onto a letter last week asking the city to continue its financial support of the program.

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