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The Capital Administration and Development Division CADD has suspended a college teacher who was accused of sexually harassing students from Bahria College during the recent practical examinations. Confirming the development that came weeks after the incident was reported on social media, Director General Federal Directorate of Education FDE Hasnat Qureshi revealed the FDE would also conduct an inquiry against the invigilator under the Protection of Women against Harassment at Workplaces Act 2010, within seven days. Several students of the college came out on social media and accused Sadat Bashir of sexually harassing them at their biology practical examinations last month. In a video message, the examiner, however, denied the charges. Bashir is a lecturer at the Federal Postgraduate College, H 9. In a complaint lodged with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education FBISE, Bahria College Principal Iqbal Javaid stated, It is reported with serious concern that the accused, who conducted practical examination on 24, 26 and 27 May, sexually harassed a number of students during practical examinations trying/touched their private parts.

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Labor and Working Class History, ed. Eric Arnesen. New York and London: Routledge, 2006Mizora: A Prophecy. A Dictionary of Literary Utopias, Champion Slatkine de Paris, 2000. Subjectivity, Subjection, and Subversion: Discourses of Women and Class in American Women's Writing Legacy, 1999. "Nature, Nurture, and Nationalism. " Nineteenth Century American Women Writers, ed. Karen Kilcup Oakes, Blackwell Publishing, 1998. Engendered Nature/Denatured History" Speaking the Other Self: New Essays on American Women Writers, ed. Jeanne Campbell Reesman, Univ. of Georgia Press, 1997"Feminism, Utopia and the Politics of Subjectivity.

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42; 1993 Reg. Sess. , 1994, c. 769,s. 7. 28A; 1997 443, s.

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to you!Written by Kim Castle, the Co founder of BrandUtm the home of only step by step process for developing your business as a brand from the inside out!To get information on upcoming BrandU one day workshops: http:// ublic/events/workshop/index. cfm?!sm monthly ezine for easy to read tips and informative insights on branding. To subscribe: "team approach" to finding the best candidate can be beneficial for the employer. Each member brings a different set of skills, experience and judgment to the team, and can point out pros and cons about a candidate that the other interviewers might miss. While panel interviews often seem more intimidating than one on one interviews, here are some steps you can take to ease your stress and ensure a better outcome. 4. Cheating in an exam taking unauthorised material in to an exam eg crib notes or any other infringement of the examination room rules. Academic misconduct is a breach of the values of academic integrity, and can occur when a student cheats in an assessment, or attempts to deliberately mislead an examiner that the work presented is their own when it is not. This is not an exhaustive list, but the most common behaviours that fall under academic misconduct are: 1. Plagiarism producing work that is not entirely your own efforts; taking the work of others and passing it off as your own, eg copying the words of others without acknowledgement/referencing the source/s. This could occur through negligence or deliberate action.

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