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"And I wanted to create an interesting space people can go to. I have a lot of ideas and I'm open to how things will evolve naturally. Maybe that sounds nave. But it feels right. " With a year lease, she said there will be enough time to see how things go. O'Neill is hosting a grand opening celebration on Thursday, Oct.

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Interactive apps like quizzes and self assessment tools can be very effective for 1 building an email list fast, and 2 qualifying your leads. Think of them as robust signup forms/surveys where prospects provide you with a lot of data in exchange for a personalized report. Tools like that only rarely go viral on social media, but if youre able to create an app that everyone in your industry will find valuable, youre in for a winner!Use a company wide email signature that will either promote your newsletter or a lead magnet youve recently published. It may not generate a ton of new email subscribers for you, but those who sign up will most likely be your engaged recipients. Offer incentives like product discounts, free shipping, and free samples for purchasers who subscribe to your newsletter. To maximize the results, add an expiration date to your coupons so new subscribers will be more motivated to make their first purchase.

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usRecipe Puppy is an ingredient based recipe search engine running sphinx 0. 9. 9on a single linode 4096 virtual server running ubuntu 8:10. On this same virtual server sphinx is running alongside apache, php, mysql, and memcached which run recipepuppy. com. The index contains 800k+ recipes and 7 million+ ingredients. Sphinx handles an average of 20 queries per second. The average query is 5 words long, and I am using a custom sorting algorithm based on multiple fields. I am using the php sphinx api to perform the queries. Really couldn't be happier. Re indexing is quite slowseveral days, but only because of the mysql queries involved.

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Along with your normal filings, for tax for expats, you will be required to submit an FBAR, Foreign Bank Account Report FinCEN form 114, if the total balances in all your worldwide bank accounts exceeds $10,000 including investments, pensions, and signatory authority accounts. Even if your accounts exceed by $10,000 or by $1 for only one day, or even one minute, you must file an FBAR. As well, if certain financial assets exceed filing thresholds, you will be required to submit a Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act FATCA IRS Form 8938. FBAR and FATCA are similar filings, but they are separate, and you may be required to file either, both, or neither. When you file your tax for expats, there are many different credits and exclusions you can take advantage of. Foreign Earned income Exclusion FEIE IRS Form 2555 allows you to exclude a certain amount of income from US taxation: $102,100 for the 2017 tax year, which reduces the total earned income that will be taxed by the US. If you use the FEIE, you cannot exclude incomes such as pensions, interest, capital gains, and US sources incomes. A physical presence test must be passed in order to quality for the FEIE, which requires you to prove that you have been inside a foreign country for 330 of any 365 day period. Foreign Housing Exclusion allows you to reduce your tax for expats amount by excluding housing expenses, such as utilities and rent. The Foreign Tax Credit IRS Form 1116 allows you to subtract the tax for expats on an income that is already taxed by a foreign country, as long as it is not already excluded by the FEIE. The Child Tax Credit is also available if you have dependent US children that have US Social Security numbers.

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